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"Consisting of some rock legends and soon to be rock legends, Magic Christian is a sure fire winner."
- Lucky inSugarBuzz Hollywood

Magic Christian is actually four seasoned but not jaded musicians, playing rock'n'roll in the time-honored tradition of the great 1960s groups like the Stones, Beatles and Who; not because they wish to imitate or revive, but because that's the only way they know how. Magic Christian still believe that a pop song should have power... that a melody is crucial... that basic, dynamic rock'n'roll is still the most exciting form of expression available to man.
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"From out of the deep recesses of the place where Tony Bennett left his heart comes Magic Christian, a band presumably named for the delightful Peter Sellers/Ringo Starr film and who, very unpresumably, have honed a style that unfailingly calls to mind both The Rolling Stones and The Flamin' Groovies, the latter unsuprising when you consider that all the songs are written by one Cyril Jordan, who also offers his lead guitar chops. In fact, Magic Christian is a supergroup of sorts, as it also features long time Tubes drummer Prairie Prince, Sneetches bass player, liner note writer and archivist extraordinaire Alec Palao, and organizer of the renowned Baypop festival (at which luminaries like The Chocolate Watchband and The Beau Brummels performed) Paul Kopf, whose Jagger-esque lead vocals lend credence to all of the tracks herein." - David Bash in Shindig Magazine

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